High precision automatic dosing device for powders, applicable in production cycles for dosing powders and grains. The dosed material can be poured onto process containers, or onto conveyor belts, or directly in final packs.

In the food industry it is ideal for: additives, dyes, flavorings, sugar, salt, pepper, etc.

In the cosmetic industry it is used for: pigments, dyes, etc.
  • Built-in electronic weighing.
  • Weight control system with automatic correction.
  • It can be interfaced with computerized control systems.
  • Single luminaire or battery installation.
  • It can be fed both automatically (pneumatic loading) and with manual loading
  • Max hopper capacity: 100 liters – 150 liters
  • Max flow rate: 400 liters / h
  • Minimum division: 5 g

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